Student Facility

Our Students are our most prized assets. The college offers every resource to students to help them progress and develop in their academic life. Special assistance is provided to differently abled and physically challenged students.

Students’ Health Home:

All students are eligible for membership of Students’ Health Home where they can enjoy facilities like Outdoor Consultation, surgery and Diagnostic Tests. They may even get medicines and spectacles free of charge or at a concessional rate. The Students’ Health Home is located at Basirhat Town School and at 142/2, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700014 (opposite R.A Dental College, Sealdah). Students must carry their college ID Card at the time of consultation.


The college library is adequately equipped to provide every help to students with textbooks and reference work. The college library and Reading Room remain open from 11 AM till 3PM on all working days.

The college is upgrading its library to make it accessible through digital cataloguing.

National Service Scheme:

The college has a fully operational NSS unit since 2014. The total volunteer strength is 100. The role of NSS unit is noteworthy. The unit has conducted various programmes including:

  • Tree Plantation Programme

  • Cleanliness Drive

  • Observance of significant days

  • Free Health Checkup

  • HIV AIDS awareness Programme

  • Miscellaneous Social Awareness Programme   The Programme Officer in charge of NSS unit is Md Golam Martuja, Assistant Professor (Department of Philosophy)