Rules & Regulations

The students are required to strictly observe college discipline and they must abide by the rules and regulations of the College and the University. Particular attention is drawn to the following points:



  1. Students must be respectful to the teachers and staff members of the college.
  2. Loitering and shouting in the classroom, college campus, Common Rooms and canteen is strictly prohibited.
  3. Writing, painting, sticking posters on the college walls are not allowed.
  4. Boys are not permitted to enter the Girls’ Common Room.
  5. Smoking and consumption of addictive substances is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  6. University rules shall be strictly followed regarding regularity and attendance in class.
  7. The students are to approach the Enquiry section of the college office in case of any difficulty or doubt.
  8. Entry of any person other than examinees and persons directly related to smooth conducting of examinations into the college campus during University and College examinations without the prior permission of the Principal is strictly prohibited.
  9. Breach of college discipline by any student will invite strong disciplinary action.