Notice Board
Governing Body :
1 Idris Ali President
2 Dr.Shamim Bhar Teacher - in - Charge & Secretary
3 Debesh Mandal Govt. Nominee
4 Prof. Arabindo Shit University Nominee
5 Prof. Pradip Kumar Mandal University Nominee
6 Monami Mukherjee Teachers' Representative
7 Dr. Sukla Bhattacharyya Teachers' Representative
8 Sudip Kumar Mondal Government Representative
9 Dr. Ishani Ghosh University Nominee
10 Rajat Sarkar Government Representative
11 Dr. Mahabbatunessa Khatun Teachers' Representative
12 Md. Golam Martuja Teachers' Representative
The main aim of this institution is to impact higher education among the students of Sunderbans. The objectives of our institution are as follows :
1. To develop integrated and elegant personality with sound mind and healthy body.

2. To create sweet habit, sense of discipline and punctuality among our students.

3. To shape them into tolerant, sincere and responsible person.
3rd and last Online Admission Form Fill-up starts from 15/07/2017 to 26/07/2017   3rd and final Merit lists to be published on 28/07/2017