Notice Board
Facilities :
Prize :
We wish to award prizes like books, medals and certificates annually to the students on the basis of their performance in the final Examination and regularity in attendance in classes and for excellence in co-curricular activities.
Student's Health Home :
All students of this college are eligible for membership of students' health home where they can enjoy facilities like Out-door consultation, Operation, X-ray, Pathological Tests etc. They can also have medicines, spectacles etc. free of cost at a concessional rate from students' Health Home. The students' Health home is located at Basirhat Town School and 142/2, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-700014 (Opposite to R.A. Dental college, Sealdah). Students must carry their college identity card at the time of consultation at the "Home".
Benefit to SC/ST/Minority Students :
As per existing order of the Government, 22% and 6% and of the available for admission into different classes are reserved for SC and ST candidates respects. The students may receive SC/ST scholarship, provided their eligibility proved. SC/ST committee is formed by G.B. as per rules to look after their interest.
Concession and Poor Aid Funds :
Concession from tuition fees and Grants from poor-Aid Fund are available to poor meritorious students on the basis of prescribed available from the college office after due notification. These applications are disposed off and the list of recipients of concessions and grants is prepared in a meeting of the concession and poor Aid subcommittee formed by the Governing body. The guardians of the applicants may be invited in the meetings to present their cases, if necessary.