Notice Board
Literary activities :
Periodical debates, seminars, quiz contests and essay competitions are organized to develop clear expression, ideas, alertness and appreciation of a situation skill in public speaking among the students.
Magazine :
Annual Magazine Anwesha provides the students with a chance to exercise their literary talents and is published once a year. Apart from the Annual Magazine. Wall Magazines Alo and Departmental Magazines are periodically published with article contribution by the teachers and students of the departments.
Cultural Activities :
The college is inspired by the cultural heritage of Bengal. Cultural activities like recitation, drama, music and dance competitions are held annually for the Students. The cultural functions are also held on the occasion of 'Nabin Baran Utsav'. Various festivals like Independence Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Saraswati Puja etc. are celebrated in the college.
Education Tour :
Educational tours for the students are organized every year in order to facilitate learning through travelling.
Sports and Games :
Under general supervision of a teacher, the college offers facilities to the students to participate in various college and University Tournaments. The annual sports meet of the college is organized with the co-operation and participation of the students and staff.